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Bohemian Bop is an online retail company. BB is designed in Birmingham, Alabama and proudly Made in the USA. 

Want to shop in store?

Come to the Open Studio Pop Up Shop

December 7-11th , 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

or by appointment, just email:



The OG of Bohemian Bop is the LCT, or Lace Crop Top.

Bohemian Bop is for the Free Spirited Dippies .



Why Bop>?

Here at Bop, I operate VERY unconventionally from my silkscreen method to the day to day business operations..

Silkscreen Process: Most printers are worried about perfection. Not me. I am far from it. I use DIY techniques to create abstract patterns and graphics. While I do practice traditional silkscreen methods as from time to time, my primary means is what I refer to as ‘Experimental Silkscreen’. This allows me to spend time creating designs that are never replicated, print after print. To see this, check out this journal entry 

Inking the System: The ink system I use is never the same. I marble inks on almost every print, mixing pinks and blues to create unique shades of purple, throw some black or glitter in there, mix it up- put it in a new jar, rename it. This happens with every pull, making each tee one of a kind.

These methods and practices are what makes Bohemian Bop unique and one of a kind. It is quick and efficient, however, visually interesting and different.

What will become of shopbohem? bohēm will be the wholesale hub for boutique owners to place orders quickly and easily. If you are a boutique or individual business owner, please visit bohēm .