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About Us

Bop is Back

Four years ago, I gave up Bohemian Bop. Founded in 2012, BB was a result of combining the two worlds of art and textiles. I operated day to day with no real big picture, long term projection in mind. Bohemian Bop began as a fun project in my Manhattan apartment, post graduate school. Things happened, life happened, decisions were made and the doors were closed in 2016. Now it's back. Bohemian Bop. Selling one of a kind and small run t-shirts, bespoke clothing and face scarves. I hand dyed, silkscreened and embellished each garment. Face scarves are made in Florence, Alabama. 

One of a kind, just like you! These garments began out of a concert going, festival loving lifestyle. I wanted to create something special, something comfortable, and something eye catching. Adding lace, hand dying and decorative stitching makes the small screen print runs one of a kind. T-shirts have always been in style, and something everyone can wear, and so why not make them unique? Bohemian Bop is reflective of this fun, unique and t-shirt wearing carefree way of life.